The term ‘long Covid’ had now become widely known as describing the effects of a Covid-19 infection which can last for a considerable time beyond the initial illness. These symptoms are not only respiratory but can include the heart, brain and the gut. Sometimes patients display other symptoms such as post-exertional malaise normally associated with M.E. and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome..

The medical world is still somewhat at a loss as to the treatment of long Covid and you might have had clients with this problem seeking out your help.

In this talk, John Wilks and Jo Wartley look at the phenomenon of long Covid from a Bowen perspective and discuss how clients in this situation can be supported on their journey towards healing. Jo Wortley has been involved in setting up a research study looking into the effect of Bowen on Long Covid.

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Meet our Teachers

John Wilks

Bowen and Craniosacral Therapist

Jo Wartley

Bowen Therapist