Carol Davis

Clinician, Consultant and Lecturer

Carol M. Davis, DPT, EdD, MS, FAPTA is Professor Emerita and immediate past Vice Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Miami Florida. She is also a clinician in active clinical practice, primarily treating patients with cervical and lumbar spine pain utilizing energy-based manual therapy, myofascial release, along with exercise.

After many years as an art consultant developing private and corporate collections, contributing to publications on the visual arts and exhibiting her own work, Terry began to combine her interest in art, spirituality and psychology to explore the subconscious. Through various processes, doors opened to her embodied cognition resulting in drawings that radically changed her life. Without any preconceived idea except to follow the intuitive lead of the medium she was using, images of an infant surgery burst forth on the paper day after day for 6 weeks. The surgery she had undergone at 3 weeks was not a surprise but the primitively rendered images of pain, terror and agony shot through her producing a sense of catastrophic fear. Only after speaking to trauma doctors did she realize that operations, beforeDr. Davis is an international lecturer and consultant and a respected author in rehabilitation literature. She is the author of several editions of two texts : Integrative Therapies in Rehabilitation – Evidence for Efficacy in Therapy, Prevention and Wellness, as well as Patient-Practitioner Interaction – an Experiential Manual for Developing the Art of Health Care, both published by Slack Books, Inc., and several text book chapters, many focusing on the science of energy medicine and complementary therapies. She has published over 30 articles in peer reviewed journals. 1990 for infants under 18 months, had been done without anaesthesia as the standard of practice.

Her areas of scholarly interest include investigating sustained release myofascial release as a manual therapy to assist in reducing pain and restoring cellular health, and educating students in the affective domain, particularly in professional interactions in health care, ethics, empathy, using the self as a therapeutic presence with patients. In addition she is interested in reading and translating for broad understanding the essentials of quantum physics and electromagnetism and how sub atomic particles affect our physiology and cellular function by way of the fascial web.

Dr. Davis has traveled to several countries as a consultant in these two main areas of her interest, and has received many honors. She has been recognized in Canada as the first Helen Saarinen Lecturer at McMaster University and in the United States by the American Physical Therapy Association as a Catherine Worthingham Fellow – the highest honor that a physical therapist can receive by this professional organization.