Hundreds of years ago, around the time that anatomy came forth as a foundation of human health, artists were also studying geometry, as a separate subject. It related to the movement of the spheres in the cosmos and some of them related it to the proportions of the human form. We will consider this history and look at how relevant the study of volumes moving in space was to understanding the galaxy.

Sacred Geometry, however, became a more exclusive domain of study, even ridiculed in some quarters as “witchcraft and alchemy”. Yet the maths, physics, chemistry and biology of the living human body is actually based on the movement of spheres. As such, understanding biotensegrity and Sacred Geometry make a huge contribution to understanding the physical and the metaphysical nature of our animated bodies.

In this overview, Joanne considers how fundamental Sacred Geometry is to be conscious and embodied; whatever your modality. It is a fascinating link to the nature of Nature in movement and manual practice (and being alive in a body).

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Joanne Avison

Yoga, Anatomy, Biotensegrity