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Pain is a lot more present in people’s lives than is given credit. We are nowadays experiencing an ‘epidemic of pain’. Research shows one in five of the population living with persistent pain. Trying to help these people comes at huge economic cost.

At the same time, pain is not something that can be diagnosed by looking at X-rays or MRI’s. Pain is a complex experience that is always multi-factorial. It is hard to measure and impossible to predict from a scan. Given this situation, a ‘pain revolution’ is emerging. There is a new paradigm of pain science and education that celebrates complexity. Pain is now thought of as protective feeling rather than a accurate readout of tissue damage.

In this webinar, Steve Haines will introduce his upcoming three part course on working with pain. We will hear about new ways of working with persistent or chronic pain based on a wider definition of the phenomenon of pain, the neurological background and a constructive language that points towards improvement and healing.

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Steve Haines

Craniosacral Therapist and Chiropracter