“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”, C.G Jung.

The shadow is composed of what we deny and repress in ourselves. It holds all the parts of self that we chose long ago in order to distance and even dissociate from ourselves, fearing that their mere existence will endanger our belonging to the family and the culture we grew up in.

What we can not see in ourselves, triggers us when we see or sense it in other people. When we are shadow triggered we lose empathy, we become judgmental, educating, superior, and sometimes disgusted and shaming.

For therapist, the shadow has a great influence on our practice. Some effects are:

  • What we cannot be in touch with – we tend to miss or ignore in the clinic.
  • The internal judgments we have on our clients will make them go away or not come to us in the first place.
  • When triggered by the shadow, we experience the most dramatic “empathic failures”.
  • The limitations we put on ourselves to avoid our shadow interfere with the full healing potential of our client.

Nir Esterman teaches and facilitates Family/Systemic Constellations and Shadow Work. In this webinar, Nir shows how meeting our shadow and re-integrating with it can help our clients as well as create a greater sense of inner peace for ourselves.

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