Why would most people endure unwanted or unsatisfying touch, rather than speak up for their own boundaries and desires? It’s a question with a myriad of answers – and one that Dr. Betty Martin has explored in her 40+ years as a hands-on practitioner.

In her framework, “The Wheel of Consent®” Betty traces the fundamental roots of consent back to our childhood conditioning. As children, we are taught that to be “good” we must ignore our body’s discomfort and be compliant.

As adults, this conditioning remains with us until we have an opportunity to unlearn it, which is why consent violations are often only called out after the violation has occurred – because we have not been taught or empowered to notice our boundaries or value and express our internal signals.

In this live stream, Betty Martin presents her recent publication ‘The Art of Giving and Receiving – The Wheel of Consent’ which offers a deeply nuanced way to practice consent.


Meet our Teacher

Betty Martin

Manual Therapist, Counselor and Author