Alchemy of Bodywork is the art of conscious touch, sprung from what bodywork in origin is. Understanding this origin opens up an often forgotten source of feminine vitality, which is dormant in the darkness of the body. In Alchemy of Bodywork, we awaken this vitality by being still and fully present in this vital darkness of the body.

Another aspect is the ability to let go of the concepts we hold about the body and its functions. We want to shift our perspective from looking at the client through therapeutic filters and instead invite them into a field where the body can remember its natural, original state. We move from wanting to fix the body to connecting with the original wisdom in the body and its self-healing powers.

When reconnecting with their earthly, yin bodies and the feminine source of vitality, people often find more peace, vitality and a sense of ‘their place on earth’.

In this webinar, Belgian leadership coach Dirk Oellibrandt introduces us to his fascinating approach. It is the introduction to his three part course on Alchemy of Bodywork.

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Meet our Teacher

Dirk Oellibrandt

Leadership Coach