When someone comes to us in crisis seeking professional help, they are also often living in ongoing traumatic conditions on the interpersonal and societal levels. We know that they need to be stabilized and resourced in preparation for the deep dive of healing and change work. And if we are working with vulnerable and marginalized clients, we are often forced to confront questions about the accessibility and cultural relevance of our chosen modalities.

This interactive webinar provides an overview of The Resilience Toolkit, a responsive framework created to nurture self-awareness and develop capacity for self-regulation to address toxic stress/trauma responses and build resilience in individuals and groups.

A curated menu of mindfulness and movement practices are embedded in a paradigm that honors people’s cultural and historical experiences, increasing accessibility and relevance to those who need our services the most.

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Meet our Teacher

Nkem Ndefo

Clinician, Educator, Consultant