Touch is the sense we rely on most for our feeling of reality. Connecting to the body is extremely helpful in dealing with trauma and through skills of relational touch we can help our clients find wholeness and safety again.

This webinar is the introduction to an upcoming three part short course with Steve Haines whom you will already know from his fantastic course on pain. The new course will be exploring embodiment, touch and trauma, covering different models of how the mind and the body work together. Steve discusses embodied cognition, an approach that celebrates that we are embedded in a the world and where consciousness is a process that emerges only through the engagement of the body in our environment.

Understanding that our sense of self is indivisible from our history, our context, our shape and our sensitivities helps us realise that trauma is much more than a mind that has gone wrong.

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Steve Haines

Craniosacral Therapist and Chiropracter