What if we had no choice but to follow our own experience, if there were no books, courses, methods or teachers. What if, in the first instance, we could only rely on personal investigation minus the expectations accompanying external knowledge, only having our feeling, thinking mind and body as we perceive it?

Would we discover our conditioning, awaken sensation, lucidity and consciousness, and discover a new depth of understanding? Would we benefit from a personal practice undisturbed by theory or anatomical detail, or past ideas?

Initial guidance is essential. We have all been guided and we guide others, but the deeper we go the more obvious it becomes that the essence can only be realized by personal discovery.

This live session with John Stirk examines all levels of the deeper yoga experience, highlights the relationship between sensation and consciousness and suggests the deeper presence of the teacher as a fundamental teaching tool.

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Meet our Teacher

John Stirk

Yoga Teacher and Author